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GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)
GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)
GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)
GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)
GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)
GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)
GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)

GENERATION W (Home Delivered Book)

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In 1918, women in the UK received the vote for the first time, a landmark moment in equality, and democracy. For the first time in society, women were no longer restricted by law, and what came next was a century of pioneers, legends and champions that continued to fight for justice and live without restriction. 

GENERATION W is a collection of original and uncensored interviews with 100 leading British women who lived through 100 years on from the vote passing, all answering the same ten questions explaining what drives them, how they overcame struggle and what they want the next generation to take from ours. 
Included in Generation W, a brand new, 440 page anthology hardcover book are words from women of all ages: ranging from those who were born in the 1930s to trailblazers as young as 6 years old, varying across a host of different experiences including:

  • SPORT:
    SALLY GUNNELL OBE (the only female athlete to have won Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth titles concurrently)
    ALICE POWELL (Racing Driver, the first woman to win a race in Saudi Arabia)
    MENNA FITZPATRICK MBE (Alpine Skier with only 5% vision, Team GB's most decorated Winter Paralympian of 2018) alongside her guide JENNIFER KEHOE MBE

    STACEY COPELAND (the first ever British woman to win Commonwealth title in boxing)
    and more. 
    HELEN PANKHURST CBE (women's rights activist and great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst)
    DAME CAROL BLACK (former principal of Newnham College, Cambridge University and Chair of British Library)

    DR. AVERIL MANSFIELD CBE (the first British woman to be appointed a professor of surgery)
    ROSIE MILLARD OBE (Chair of BBC Children In Need) 

    and more. 
    LAURA LONDON (became the youngest female magician in the Magic Circle)
    HANNAH WILLIAMS (sampled by Jay-Z on his Grammy nominated record '4.44')
    SUZI QUATRO (Rock singer who has sold over 50 million records)
    PAULETTE CONSTABLE (first female resident DJ at The Hacienda)
    OLIVIA ROSE (video director and photographer who has worked with Jorja Smith, Ray Blk, Stormzy, Skepta)
    BAMBI (Unknown and elusive Graffiti artist)
    CARLA-MARIE WILLIAMS (Beyonce 'Freedom' songwriter) 

    and more.

The format of the book is simple and easy to read when you need to be inspired; you will learn rare life advice from entrepreneurs who sold their company for millions of pounds, discover the truths of people who recovered from suicide attempts, and understand how champions survived near fatal moments to become leaders in their field.
Join us at Generation W and imagine a greater world for tomorrow, one we all are part of. 

Thank you for taking your time out to consider making Generation W a part of your life and we hope this book can encourage you as much as it does us.
Urban Kingdom would like to thank all the incredible pioneers who share their stories in the book and we would like to thank the whole of the UK for allowing us all opportunities to be proud to be leaders of the next generation.

We would love to hear your own answers to the questions in Generation W, please email generationwbook@gmail.com if you would like to share anything, completely discreetly unless you want to share with our audience.